Retail Investors did not cause the GME pop

"Buy High, Sell Low" - Robert Einstein

To think that the retail investors alone contributed to the recent GME pop is naive and silly.

WallStreetBets had >3.5m members before the GME pop. If you believe in the myth that WallStreetBets users alone caused the GME pop, you would have to assume that 3.5m people on Reddit contributed $8m (each) to the pop. They definitely started the momentum, but the pop could not have been possible without the help of the same wealthy individuals and institutions that Mainstreet is head-to-head against. Even if you add up the retail investors outside of Reddit, it's impossible to assume that retail investors alone caused that jump. I wouldn't be surprised if 30-50% of the jump was caused by a small group of ultra-wealthy individuals & institutions.

While I'm excited to see the explosion of retail investors and the pushback the government regulators are getting from the Mainstreet, I'm terrified about the misinformation that is being circulated.

Few people think deeply about facts.